Major NYC agency focusing on children services

A New York city agency that protects and promotes the safety and well-being of New York City’s children, young people, families, and communities by providing excellent child welfare, juvenile justice, and early care and education services.

The agency hired CSG to review the Fair Hearing process and determine opportunities to improve the efficiency of the fair hearing payment process (for Foster Care, Child Care and Adoption Subsidies). To achieve that goal, the organization hired Capstone Strategy Group (CSG) to perform the following tasks:

  • Review current (“as is”) business processes and document shortcomings and improvement opportunities. The current state process is the foundation for understanding how activities are currently performed and challenges the organization faces in performing those activities efficiently.
  • Understand and provide an overview of the IT systems that support the fair hearing payment process
  • Identify potential gaps and compile future state (“to be”) processes
  • Formulate recommendations, guidelines and suggestions related to required system improvements (where applicable).

To get a better understanding of the fair hearing payment process, CSG analyzed the entire eco system, key players and existing processes including:

  • Child care
  • Foster care
  • Convergence between Child Care and Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Audit process.

Based on the current state processes and systems analysis, opportunities for improvement were identified around four key areas:

  • Process consistency across departments
  • Systems and process integration within the fair hearing payment process
  • Use of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve efficiency within ACS payment processes
  • ß Collaboration within departments to improve ACS’ ability to meet the 30 day deadline.

Based on identified shortcoming and gaps, CSG compiled recommendations and a roadmap to implement suggested improvements. The Agency has launched the initial projects defined in the roadmap in its quest to achieve the targeted efficiency goals.