Major NYC agency focusing on small businesses enablement

A New York city agency that makes it easier for businesses in New York City to form, do business, and grow by providing direct assistance to business owners, fostering neighborhood development in commercial districts, and linking employers to a skilled and qualified workforce. The Agency was looking for a consultant to provide a survey and statistical analysis of workforce development outcomes and customer satisfaction at different Workforce and career centers across New York City. The goal was to help the agency improve on its ability to help businesses fill their open positions and place more New Yorkers in jobs through services provided at the different workforce and career centers.

CSG worked with Agency to better understand business requirements and project expectations. In addition, the team leveraged CSG’s BTI project methodology to deliver the project. In fact, using rapid prototyping for survey development, the team completed the project using the following phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Project initiation, survey design and system implementation
  • Phase 2: Survey execution and data collection
  • Phase 3: Final reporting and review results.

Within 2 weeks of project kickoff, CSG configured an online survey environment for data collection for both face to face interviews and online/real-time data gathering using tablets and desktops. In addition, CSG deployed a team of interviewers across the city for real-time data collection and analysis. Further, the online system enabled the team to gather and cleanse emails in support of online surveys and provided a real-time reporting platform and data extraction capabilities. Further, CSG provided reports to Agency’s stakeholders that met expectations. Project was completed on time and within budget.