State Agency

A major state agency providing financial and trust services to various governmental entities through a website. The website provides retirement and financial planning information for over 900,000 state and local employees and retirees, and 950 employers.

After more than 10 years in services, the website and its underlying technology had reached the limits in terms of use of state of the art portal strategies and technologies. Further, the number of users and the complexity of features to be provided had grown and additionally, monthly maintenance costs had increased due to an increase in the data management, information management and security needs. To address these issues, the agency decided to perform a comprehensive business process and application review of the website to assess features, including: functionality, application architecture, software components, user interface design (User eXperience), hardware, system maintenance, content management, disaster recovery and interface specifications between service providers (including banks, mutual funds, state and local agencies).

The customer engaged CSG principals to identify and document the current state features, and functionality of the system, define requirements for the future state system, identify gaps and suggested future state functionality, and (integrated) architecture to bridge identified gaps. Further, CSG created an implementation roadmap with specific steps to achieving the transformation and provide costing for the suggested solution.