Capstone Strategy Group works with:

  • Government
  • Small Business in all verticals

We are  focused on 4 core areas:

  1. Business Process Analysis and Optimization
  2. IT and Business Strategy
  3. System Development and Integration
  4. Staff Augmentation

Capstone Strategy Group collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance business organizations for today’s changing economy. At the forefront of our philosophy is the drive to maximize value to customers we serve by providing solutions and skilled resources deployed in a balanced manner, at competitive rates. Among the many strengths that distinguish us are:

  • Proven and experienced management team (executive experience in global organizations)
  • Focused service offerings (excel at what we do and maximize value to our customers)
  • Strong customer references (your success is our success)
  • Differentiating pricing strategy (high value resources at competitive rates).

Our “results driven” delivery approach, builds on our expertise in consulting, technology and product development across multiple industries. Our primary goal is to enable our clients to create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends, develop and implement solutions to help our clients addresses their business challenges in today’s changing economy.