Government agencies are under tremendous pressure:

  • To drive community and economic development through improved services to its citizens, businesses, visitors and entrepreneurs
  • To increase public safety through streamlined and reliable communications between police, fire and other related departments
  • To improve relationships amongst themselves at all levels (federal, state, and local) while keeping operating costs low.

In fact, examples of existing challenges include:

  • Adopting new technologies to better serve it’s constituents
  • Reducing the impact of technology and platform changes on operational budgets
  • Streamlining business processes to achieve process efficiency
  • Enforcing regulatory compliance

Capstone Strategy Group (CSG) can assist you in identifying opportunities that will enable your organization to improve its ability to quickly address its needs for community and economic development, improved tourism and entrepreneurship opportunities, and increased public safety.  Since its creation, CSG has been serving local, state, and federal government agencies and supported their efforts to:

  • Leverage technology and business process improvement to improve operational efficiency,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Generate revenues, and
  • Enhance constituents satisfaction.

Our experience includes:

  • Supporting organizations to select IT systems that better support their needs and fit their budgets
  • Providing the necessary expertise around new technology adoption especially to reduce operating costs of existing legacy applications i.e., SOA and Web Services
  • Supporting organizations implementation of enterprise systems including ERP, CRM, Portals, and Cloud Computing
  • Assisting agencies to adopt and deploy solutions that enable them to improve the overall management of their IT infrastructure and IT processes, which creates better alignment with their business needs
  • Assisting organizations to review and revamp existing business processes in the context of Business Process Improvement initiatives

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