Capstone Strategy Group will leverage its BTI methodology, IT capabilities, project management skills, industry knowledge, and offshore/nearshore software development and support resources to help government organizations achieve these belt tightening goals:

  • Eliminate silos and promote cross functional integration
  • Establish data integration, integrity, and consistency
  • Deliver best in class citizen and executive portals
  • Create operational transparency and accountability
  • Align IT resources and investments with business operations
  • Do more with less money
  • Raise IT business acumen
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Monitor system activity and security
  • Position IT as an effective business partner

The benefits realized by governments agencies from these actions include:

  • Controlling operating costs
  • Attracting and growing citizen relationships
  • Improved online presence & workforce mobility
  • Using intelligence in products and services
  • Business process improvement/improved efficiency
  • Common, consistent user experiences
  • Maintain data integrity and consistency
  • Greater system reliability, performance, and throughput
  • Avoid network security breaches and disruptions
  • Revenue growth from new and existing sources
  • Faster innovation and cycle times

eGovernment strategies and services:

  • City portals
  • System consolidation, integration and implementation
  • Business intelligence, analytics and management dashboards
  • Content management strategies and implementation
  • Document management strategies and implementation
  • Locator Services
    • Address and mail management services
      (address cleansing, move updates, pre-sort discounts)
    • National DMV integration
    • GIS center of excellence

Our offering enables state and local governments to:

  • Build a foundation for complete electronic Web enablement
  • Drive cost savings through streamlined processes
  • Empower citizens to conduct business with the city 24 x7, via simple, secure online access
  • Maintain¬†accurate, consistent, and traceable business transactions with the city
  • Pro-actively notifying citizens of eligibility for cost reduction programs
  • Enhance citizen’s “Quality of Life” by publishing information and alerts on contractor evaluations, local merchant specials, dining specials, etc.

Improve key services including:

  • Utility billing collections
  • Parking/moving violations tickets collections for out of towners
  • Scofflaws from out of town
  • Property tax collections
  • Building violations identified and addressed
  • Absentee owners reached

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