After many years of successfully leading large operations teams and small specialty teams to greater results, Robyn McLeod began working with organizations and sharing her expertise in leadership and team development, as a consultant, coach, speaker, and author. Through her work as an organizational development consultant, Robyn partners with senior executives as they focus on building and supporting high-performing managers, leaders, teams, and organizations. A foundation of her work is the belief that strong leaders and managers create an environment that engages, challenges and develops employees who provide world-class service and experiences to customers. Robyn works with clients to address their needs in the areas of organizational effectiveness, leadership development, change management, strategic communications and thinking, people management and team building.

Robyn works with leaders to help them achieve breakthrough personal and professional goals. Her approach to coaching is based on principles of Thoughtful Leadership – providing a framework to pull back from the frenetic day-to-day pace and apply critical and reflective thinking to the challenges, issues and opportunities that leaders face in today’s rapidly changing work environments. Her coaching clients are then open and ready to

  • Gain greater self-awareness of their style, behaviors, strengths, and development areas
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals that build on their strengths and overcome skill gaps that impede effectiveness
  • Stretch beyond self-imposed limits and boundaries that may hold them back
  • Adopt more effective approaches to communications for greater influence and interpersonal interaction
  • Build stronger relationships with others in all aspects of work and life
  • Lead organizational change with renewed focus, flexibility, and adaptability

Robyn has held senior management positions in operations, sales and human resources in the telecommunications and professional services sectors. Robyn’s diversity of skills, knowledge, and experience brings a unique perspective to her consulting and coaching clients.

A member of several professional organizations including the International Coach Federation, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the National Black MBA Association, Robyn holds degrees from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications and School of Management and an MBA from Columbia University. She currently serves as a Leadership coach for Columbia’s MBA and Executive MBA programs. Robyn is the co-author of The Power of Thoughtful Leadership: 101 Minutes to Being the Leader You Want to Be.

A Broad Base of Experience

Robyn’s clients include

  • Alcatel-Lucent Head Start Pitney Bowes
  • Brownsville Family Health Hudson Highland Group Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Citigroup Independent Feature Project Quest Diagnostics
  • Columbia University Lifetime Entertainment Services Reliance Standard Life Insurance
  • Digitas NAACP Legal Defense Fund Verizon
  • Group M Philips Electronics World Wrestling Entertainment



Senior IT Executive – Client was a high-level IT executive in charge of major change initiatives. She was viewed as a potential C-level executive who needed stronger interpersonal skills. Multi-rater 360° feedback revealed critical issues related to people development, peer interaction, influence and relationship-building. Robyn worked with the executive to focus on building emotional intelligence, developing effective working relationships at all levels and being more influential. Over time, the executive saw significant improvement in her 360° feedback ratings, particularly those ratings focused on interpersonal skills. She was subsequently selected as a succession candidate for the division Vice President.

Managing Director – Client was a newly promoted Managing Director in an advertising agency, assigned to co-manage the New York office. She had been viewed as a high-potential leader, and her new position presented significant challenges for revenue generation, business growth and employee satisfaction. Robyn worked with the new leader to help her shift focus away from day-to-day details toward senior-level responsibilities. She learned to more effectively navigate the organizational landscape, build alliances with peers with whom she had difficulty connecting, develop an effective co-managing structure, and refocus her efforts to support work across the organization. The client showed tremendous personal and professional growth in the co-managing director role and eventually left the agency for a Chief Marketing Officer position on the client side.

Millenial Coaching – Client was a professional services firm making a significant investment in the personal and professional growth of its newly promoted senior associates, most of whom were millenials. Robyn was selected as part of the coaching team brought on to provide one-on-one coaching to the new managers and facilitate small group work in week-long residential programs. Client was looking to support these new managers in increasing self-awareness, understanding their personal values and desires, setting goals for their work and life and defining a path for their career that would bring the greatest satisfaction and meaning.

Leadership development – Client was a mid-size entertainment company whose exciting workplace attracted talented and ambitious individuals. Due to a flat organizational structure and the long tenure of its middle- and senior-level executives, opportunities for upward and lateral movement were limited. In light of the company’s growth and fast-paced environment, senior executives perceived a significant need for developing stronger leadership and management skills among mid-level managers, many of whom had never been given management skill training. Robyn designed and facilitated a multi-session leadership development program that helped managers assess their current management styles and behaviors, increase managerial effectiveness, develop stronger leadership skills, feel more connected to their peers and prepare to step into senior leadership at the company. Individual coaching was included to help participants apply the theories and skills covered in the workshop sessions to their day-to-day challenges.

High-performing teams – Client was a leader of a high-pressure customer service division that underwent a significant restructuring, leading to newly formed management teams and new reporting structures. The senior executive team wanted to promote better and more effective working relationships within the newly formed teams by helping their team members understand themselves and others better and by establishing clear guidelines, norms and expectations. Robyn worked one-on-one with each senior executive to design a half-day to full-day session that met the specific needs of their team. The sessions covered topics most relevant to the team based on input gathered from team members prior to the session. The teams developed working agreements, norms and guidelines for working together more effectively, and shared individual expectations for supporting each other in achieving team goals and objectives.

Senior leadership coaching and support – Client was a major telecommunications firm that underwent a series of mergers and downsizings, leading to fewer officer-level positions and greater spans of control. As a result, candidates being groomed for these senior-level positions as part of the company’s succession planning process had more demanding roles and fewer opportunities for promotion. This has created levels of frustration and disillusionment among employees. Robyn designed a coaching program for succession candidates to offer them value-added support and to help them feel connected, challenged and invested. The coaching helped the participants address their day-to-day challenges, and gave them tools to develop needed skills and further strengthen existing skills as they awaited promotion. The coaching focused on creating a plan of action to address strengths and developmental needs, surfacing and discussing career management concerns and identifying personal priorities and steps to achieving greater fulfillment at work and in life. The coaching also led to a variety of Leadership Development programs and sessions with intact teams within the senior leadership group, reinforcing concepts and behaviors revealed during coaching and strengthening the senior leadership team. The program was also rolled out to additional succession candidates and high-poten